winning chess strategies

Winning Chess Strategies

Winning Chess Strategies

Winning Chess Strategies, Winning Chess Strategies is the 1/3 e-book in Seirawan’s Winning Chess collection coming after the primary, Play Winning Chess and the second one, Winning Chess Tactics.

Here Seirawan defines chess techniques as approaches wherein players can benefit static advantages at some stage in matches. He then enumerates the various ways a participant can create and hold those strategic advantages in recreation through techniques like pawn shape, stopping counterplay, the use of the portions and defective plans to mention some.

Aside from teaching you what to do, the ebook also shows lots of examples of errors you need to keep away from. There’s also a dedicated bankruptcy about the various super chess strategists of preceding a long time.

winning chess strategies
winning chess strategies


The book offers plenty of example games paired with in-intensity discussions of every approach that advanced gamers might locate useful in their observe of positional play. However, novices and intermediate players may find it extra useful to take at the ebook greater than as soon as in order to fully gain its advantages.

By the time you close up the e-book, Seirawan hopes that a player has found out the way to knock warring parties thru bold beginning movements, create a recreation strategy earlier than midgame, discover ways to examine an opponent’s intentions in each circulate and, of a path, a way to function a prevailing endgame.

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Although no longer as nicely-liked as his different Winning Chess books, readers who went through Seirawan’s e-book on chess techniques commented the way it helped them enhance their protecting posture on the chessboard even leading a few that allows you to beat people whom they to start with the idea to be better gamers at the sport.

It also allows that Seirawan is a gifted author himself and may make complex chess standards greater access to all forms of readers. This e-book could really make the subtlety of positional play extra attractive to gamers who select tactical play.

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Author Says:

Yasser Seirawan is a Syrian-born American chess grandmaster and prolific chess author. His maximum noteworthy accomplishments are his four-time win because the United States chess champion and his win on the World Junior Chess Championship in 1979 whilst he turned into 19. He best commenced playing at the age of 12 and speedily rose inside the ranks to play in opposition to more experienced gamers.

Seirawan has additionally authored several chess books. Most popular of these is his seven-volume ‘Winning Chess’ series of books co-authored with Jeremy Silman. The ebook, Winning Chess Strategies, is 0.33 within the collection. He additionally served as the chief editor of Inside Chess magazine for twelve years.

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