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understanding chess middlegames

Understanding Chess Middlegames

Understanding Chess Middlegames, After the fulfillment of his book, Understanding Chess Endgames, GM John Nunn dedicates his next one to the middlegame, an essential topic that frequently gets much less attention from chess writers.

Understanding Chess Middlegames: Featuring the one hundred Most Important Middlegame Ideas. The three-times World Chess Solving Champion distills the most beneficial middlegame ideas and information into 100 lessons that everyone can apprehend. Dr. John Nunn is one of the high-quality-reputable figures in international chess.

understanding chess middlegames

understanding chess middlegames

Working on the premise that the middlegame is where chess games are determined, Nunn effectively breaks down complex troubles into chew-sized portions. Here, he explains a hundred of the most important middlegame thoughts via examples from the state-of-the-art pinnacle chess video games. Proof of the ebook’s excellence is its win on the 2012 Association of Chess Professionals Book of the Year Award.

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In Understanding Chess Middlegames, readers are handled to discussions on each assault play and positional play. Nunn suggests and explains a way to decide wherein to attack and the methods that an opponent’s king may be pursued. Meanwhile, he additionally talks approximately the most important shape issues and how the opposite chess pieces work with and around pawns with regards to positional play. Nunn then discusses how to check the circumstantial importance of some chess pieces and a way to use this information to paintings the board.

To reinforce lessons, everyone is followed with the aid of examples from video games of modern chess whole with annotations and instructions. It also allows that both aspects of the board are explained and emphasized leading to a clearer image on how to shape plans and the approaches they will be foiled.

Chess enthusiasts and gamers who read Nunn’s e-book on middlegames located it to be a superb but concise book that’s additionally an outstanding way for advanced gamers to bolster their middlegame play. However, some readers also commented on how the e-book wasn’t as in-intensity as Nunn’s different works. Still, it’s a terrific observe up examine after Yasser Seirawan’s more novice-pleasant e-book Winning Chess Strategies.

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About the Author

One of England’s excellent chess players, John Nunn is a chess grandmaster and a 3-time world champion in chess trouble fixing. He has the distinction of maintaining grandmaster titles in each over the board chess and problem-solving. Nunn changed into previously inside the global top ten (putting ninth) whilst his Elo score reached 2620 in 1989.

chess middlegames

chess middlegames

Nunn holds a doctorate from Oxford University. His dissertation changed into approximately finite H-areas. He is likewise a first-rate-promoting chess creator with several titles underneath his belt. Using his academic historical past in math and career in chess, he wrote authoritative books on openings, endings, and compositions among other topics.

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