secrets of pawn endings

Secrets of Pawn Endings

Secrets of Pawn Endings

Secrets of Pawn Endings by means of Frank Lamprecht and Karsten Muller is the definitive contemporary chess book on pawn endings from two professionals on chess endgame.

Endgames with just kings and pawns are the most basic types of endings in chess – and an understanding of them is essential for mastering complicated endings. This book provides a thorough course in pawn endings from the simple to the very complex. There are test positions for the reader to solve.

Unlike their different paintings, Fundamental Chess Endings, this ebook takes a closer look at endgame by way of focussing on simply kings and pawns starting from simple ones and progressing to the extra complicated. The e-book targets to equip players with fundamental information of endgames with the intention to allow them to take on other kinds as well. This aim is professed in its again cover: “Without the expertise of pawn endings it is not possible to master extra complex endings”.

Secrets of Pawn Endings
Secrets of Pawn Endings

The ebook includes plenty of thrilling positions with accompanying take a look at positions for readers to clear up. It follows the logical conventions that were brought by means of stated endgame professional John Nunn giving way to new analyses of various theoretical positions and the evaluation of the blessings of each circulate.

People who’ve read the book observed it to be a super and realistic manual on the subject. However, a few people, more often than not common players, discovered the explanations of pawn endings to be a piece too tough to fully understand.

The e-book is higher suitable for people who have already got an introductory heritage on pawn endings or endgame in trendy and desire to go deeper on the subject. And to get the maximum out of going via it, it’s tremendously encouraged which you play the pattern positions towards a robust chess engine like Fritz.

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About the Authors

Frank Lamprecht is a German chess teacher and writer. He gained his International Master identity in 1999.

Lamprecht has co-authored books on endgame with chess grandmaster Karsten Muller, Secrets of Pawn Endings (2000) and Fundamental Chess Endings (2001) which has been offered Book of the Year by the British Chess Federation.

Karsten Muller is a German mathematician, chess grandmaster, and author.

Muller received 1/3 at the 1996 German championship and 2d in the following year. Having a hobby in mathematical games, he studied the subject officially and earned his doctorate in arithmetic from the University of Hamburg in 2002 only some years after incomes the grandmaster title.

Secrets of Pawn Endings
Secrets of Pawn Endings

An authority in chess endgame, Muller has additionally co-authored two books with Frank Lamprecht and some of his very own. He used to jot down a column called Endgame Corner for ChessCafe.Com and is presently a regular contributor for ChessBase Magazine.

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