My Best Games of Chess

My Best Games of Chess

My Best Games of Chess is a compilation of Alexander Alekhine’s 220 first-rate games in conjunction with personal bills about the games which made him a legend within the global of chess. It was to start with posted in volumes, the primary one covering the grasp’s first-class video games from 1908 to 1923 and the second masking video games from 1924 to 1937.

The video games cover 30 years of his career and feature historical video games he played in opposition to different chess greats like Jose Raul Capablanca, Max Euwe, and Efim Bogoljubov. It also capabilities the tremendous tale of his rise, fall, and upward thrust because the best international champion to have misplaced and gained his crown lower back once more after losing it in a surprising fit in 1935.

My Best Games of Chess
My Best Games of Chess

What makes the book especially special is that its miles full of Alekhine’s personal commentary on his own strategies. An e-book that’s each instructional and revealing, as it’s also the chess master’s memoirs, this book might, in reality, benefit other severe chess players who dream of creating it huge in the sport someday.

While usual thrilling, readers determined the first volume of the book to be greater nicely-written and laid out than the other. They additionally preferred analyzing the video games inside the first extent commenting that the later games had been much less thrilling even noticing a decline in enthusiasm with Alekhine’s accompanying remark.

But the e-book continues to be stored with the aid of Alekhine’s famous capacity as an assault player who sees possibilities wherein most might see none giving birth to first-rate games that might virtually encourage any chess player to do higher.

My Best Games of Chess
My Best Games of Chess

Thus, chess players and lovers will locate the book and its contents insightful within the techniques of the game and beneficial for those who want to improve their own talents.

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About The Author
Born in Moscow in 1892, Alexander Alekhine is typically considered to be one of the fine chess players the arena has ever visible. Placing only third for the duration of the 1914 St. Petersburg tournament, Alekhine started out his quest to overcome the current champion Jose Raul Capablanca.

Alekhine would later fulfill this when he beat Capablanca in 1927 whilst he became the fourth character to emerge as World Chess Champion. His career reached its height inside the 1930s a time whilst he dominated chess tournaments.

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Alekhine became also an appeared chess theorist and writer that specialize in innovations in chess openings and endgame studies.

His career became cut quick with the aid of his unexpected dying inside the 1940s. Alekhine is the most effective world champion to die while maintaining the identity.

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