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learn chess tactics

Learn Chess Tactics

Learn Chess Tactics is written to teach the fundamentals of chess to new gamers. You’ll examine chess techniques and techniques so that it will take you from losing games to prevailing them as you find out the secrets and techniques to assaults, sacrifices, and combinations.

Many readers who’ve completed this e-book rave approximately the way it got them started with the basics and turned them into equipped and knowledgeable gamers of chess. The e-book is in the form of a look at the guide which means you will probably be spending a whole lot of time, with the aid of your self, in the front of a board without an opponent mastering what John Nunn is attempting to train you.

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If you’re willing to spend the time to go through this book and analyze what it is attempting to train then you definitely your chess recreation will display development. Nunn’s approach is tailored for the beginner and his writing fashion allows make the ideas clean to examine and understand.

About the Author

John Nunn is an English grandmaster, author, and mathematician. He became the European Junior Chess Champion in 1975 and became a Grandmaster 3 years later. He’s a -time gold medal winner on the Chess Olympiad.

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Nunn is taken into consideration via many to be one of the first-class modern authors of books approximately chess. He has written a massive amount about the sport over the route of dozens of books. His paintings are particularly interesting as he uses statistics mining as the inspiration for his research into new chess moves and strategies which he then compiles in his written works.

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